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Ellen Lustig’s whimsical paintings started with a series in 2007 called Twisted Toy paintings. These colorful acrylic on canvas paintings are based on a theme of classic toys (many from the “baby-boomer” era), juxtaposed with common place dilemmas. When nostalgic iconic meets editorial ironic, they at first blush tap the child in us but quickly and amusingly highlight our “innocence lost.”

The next series of oil paintings on canvas are vivid abstractions of orchids and tropical flowers, magnified to create sensuous forms and colors. Anthropomorphic and organic forms develop from the close up representation of the flower centers.

Ellen Lustig’s recent series is a spontaneous abstraction of thought that is expressed using bulbous forms, luscious color, and whimsical content. These oil on canvas paintings are a departure from the subjective paintings that Ellen has produced most of her life. Think “high calorie carnival ride for the eyes” and you’ll get the idea.

These original art on canvas prints of twisted toys, orchid paintings and abstract expressions by Chicago artist Ellen Lustig are your answer to a unique and inexpensive gift idea for a wedding gift, a birthday gift, and a gift for the person who has everything.



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