pop surrealism transformer vs gijoe

View a collection of Ellen Lustig's whimsical Pop Surrealism paintings spanning her early through current works. Ellen Lustig's paintings are a collection of Pop Surrealism art. Her subject matter is forever transforming as she delves into toys, nature, and abstraction. The imagery in Ellen's paintings is a combination of whimsy, pop and realism. The subjects in her paintings also vary between baby boomer toys in uncanny situations, anthropomorphic trees, or quirky abstractions. 
Throughout Ellen's paintings including her early work, tree paintings, toy paintings or abstractions, Lustig creates a variety of subjects and styles. Her continuous theme is Pop Surrealism Art.
The Pop Surrealism/Lowbrow art movement originated in the 1960's with hot rod culture and underground comics. I has evolved into a vilified, vital, an exciting art movement. Having been schooled in the Bay area for College, Ellen was definitely influenced by the comical are surrounding her. She then moved to Chicago where the Hairy Who and Imagists were prevalent in the art world which also had an effect on her subject matter. 
Lustig still resides in Chicago where she has made a life long career as a multimedia artist. Her work has been shown nationally in galleries and museums along with private collections.

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Ellen Lustig's Paintings can be purchased by contacting Ellen. Choose between original paintings on canvas or Masonite, or Giclee prints in custom sizes. Add Ellen Lustig's Pop Surrealism Art to your art collection for a touch of whimsey, color, and intrigue.