Abstract Illusion Paintings

Abstract Illusion Paintings by Ellen Lustig encompasses her works of Pop Surrealism. The landscapes in this series were painted impromptu, without a formal plan or sketch. All that was painted was extemporaneous in expressing directly from the imagination onto the canvas. It wasn't until the painting was complete that the meaning of the illusion was revealed. These landscape paintings evoke a sense of music and motion. The surreal imagery is made up of voluminous animated forms that undulate and vibrate. The palette is painted with Pop cartoon-like colors which are reminiscent of a cartoon backdrop. Ellen’s Abstract Illusion paintings were inspired by cartoons and animated films.

The Orchid Paintings are surreal in that they depict close up views of orchids. In studying the  column and the labellum of the orchid in magnification, Ellen sees live creatures which are delineated or suggested in the paintings. Surrounded by sensuous petals, the creatures become the focal point of the paintings. Instead of a flower image, the expansion produces a surreal scene. The most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid shape lends itself to surreal depiction.

Incorporating comics and cartoons in her artwork is a natural since Ellen Lustig has also been a caricature and cartoon artist for her entire life which has also influence the Pop Surrealism essence of her paintings. Her love of animation influences the themes of Ellen's paintings. You can learn more about Ellen Lustig's background by clicking the link below.