Contact Ellen Lustig

                   Contact Ellen Lustig to purchase paintings, find out about availability of paintings, and ask questions related to her work. By                                                                    contacting Ellen, she will be happy to discuss her paintings with you.

By contacting Ellen Lustig, you can find out about having Giclee prints made of specific original paintings. You can also make arrangements to by Ellen's original paintings for your collection or to enhance the walls of your home. Most of the artwork will be shipped from Chicago. You can also make arrangement for painting pick-up if you are in the Chicago area. Ellen will explain the payment, taxes, and shipping procedures to you so you can easily procure payment.  Ellen's paintings can only be bought and shipped in the United States. 

If you want to see what Ellen's original painting will look like on your wall, you can email her a photo of the wall with the dimensions. You will receive an email back of a photo of what the painting will look like. The painting will be to scale with the dimensions of your photo.

To receive emails pertaining to Ellen's upcoming shows, new work, please write "subscribe" in the message form above