Albums of Paintings

album of toy paintings
album of abstract illusions
album of tree paintings
album of early work

Albums of Paintings are groups of various styles and genres that Ellen Lustig has created throughout her life.  Twisted Toys, Abstract Illusions, Tree Paintings, and Early Works are the four categories of albums. In Ellen Lustig's paintings, one can see a commonality throughout her various works which pays homage to the Pop Surrealism movement. 

Ellen Lustig encompasses works of Pop Surrealism which were painted in the past 20 years. Lustig's Paintings includes a series of whimsical paintings she calls Twisted Toy Paintings. This grouping has a subject of toys that are juxtaposed in unusual situations.  

Abstract Illusion Paintings by Ellen Lustig encompasses her works of Pop Surrealism. The landscapes in this series were painted impromptu, without a formal plan or sketch. All that was painted was extemporaneous in expressing directly from the imagination onto the canvas.

Tree Paintings created by Ellen Lustig, is a series of Surreal oil paintings that have human-like features. The paintings appear to depict an intense inner emotional life that is part human and half arboreal. Most of the paintings were influenced by photos of trees that Ellen took while traveling in the U.S and abroad.

Early works by Ellen Lustig display the evolution of aesthetics that led to Pop Surrealism. From a creative standpoint, her earlier work was frequently energizing, risk-taking, impassioned, and experimental. She didn't know where she was headed, where she’d wind up, what the future held, or how her art would ultimately be regarded. Because Ellen was younger and less experienced, it was easy to experiment in various styles and genres.